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ScreenBeam Pro Business Edition

Model #: SBWD100B Business Edition
Reseller #: SBWD100BE02

Overview / Features
ScreenBeam Pro Business Edition is the first and only Gen 5 Intel Pro WiDi Certified Wireless Display Receiver available today.

Specially designated for business environment, ScreenBeam Pro Business Edition enables users with compatible mobile devices to wirelessly display any content on the TV or projector within a few seconds.

The wireless display connection eliminates the need to find the right cables and converters. In seconds, you can share whatever is on your mobile device (presentations, documents, spreadsheets, videos, websites, apps, photos, etc.) with everyone else in the room. There's no limitation to the content you can share. And ScreenBeam Pro Business Edition supports all the key manageability and security features that IT departments need.

Perfect For -
ScreenBeam Pro Business Edition is perfect in the office and conference room.

Outstanding Benefits
First and only Certified Gen 5 Intel Pro WiDi Receiver with latest features: managed meeting, quick connect, display privacy, and local management for IT.
Compatible with millions of devices: including 4th Gen Ultrabooks or laptops with IntelR WiDi 4 or higher; Wi-Fi Miracast? devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets with Windows 8.1+ and Android 4.2+.
Wirelessly beam presentations, videos, websites, documents, and more in the conference room
Enhanced business-class security and privacy.
Supports up to full 1080p HD video and 5.1 channel audio
Works up to 50 ft. away - no line of sight required*
Easy Setup...Everything you need is included
Supports Gen 5 Intel Pro WiDi*
Quick wireless display connection
Confirmation message before content is displayed
Managed meetings (Moderator, Interactive, and Exclusive)
Panel self-refresh to optimize bandwidth usage and save battery life
Blocks outsiders from bridging to corporate WLAN
Does not require existing Wi-Fi router
Does not work with Apple products

Coolest Feature
With Intel Pro WiDi (Managed meeting), the ability to share your screen is no longer limited to the person closest to the input cable. The next presenters can easily gain access to the display with a couple of clicks.


*Requires Intel WiDi Gen 5.1 application (or higher) and compatible system with IntelR vPro technology


Minimum System Requirements
ScreenBeam Business Edition Receiver
-HDTV or projector with one free HDMI port
-Available power outlet
Compatible device with wireless display capability
Intel Pro WiDi features requires
-Intel WiDi capable system with IntelR vPro technology
-Intel WiDi 5.1 application (or higher)


Actiontec ScreenBeam  Pro (Business Edition)



















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