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ScreenBeam Pro Wireless Display Receiver (Education Edition 2)

Model #: SBWD100B Education Edition 2
Reseller #: SBWD100E2V (with VGA adapter), SBWD100E2X (without VGA adapter)

Bring curriculum to life with the wireless display solution built for educators

Quick Overview
With ScreenBeam Pro Education Edition 2, it's easy to supplement traditional lectures with rich, engaging multimedia like videos, apps, educational programming, even specialized online course material. This wireless display adapter lets teachers and students wirelessly share content from compatible tablets, smartphones, and laptops onto a projector screen or other display.
ScreenBeam Pro Education Edition 2 brings a new level of interactivity to today's classroom: teachers are free to move around the classroom while simultaneously sharing content onto the big screen. And when students are equipped with tablets or laptops, they can even interact with the material on the big screen right from their desk. ScreenBeam Pro Education Edition 2 also supports all the key manageability and security features that schools need, while costing significantly less than a smart whiteboard or interactive projector.

Perfect For -
Classrooms, training rooms, and any educational institution.

Outstanding Benefits
Fully IT manageable and configurable to fit school district's requirements
Works with Certified Wi-Fi Miracast and Intel WiDi enabled devices (e.g. such as Microsoft Surface series, Dell Venue 11, Nexus 7, Lenovo Yoga series, and many other)
Also works with Windows laptops and PCs without native wireless display capability (requires Actiontec USB Transmitter " sold separately)
Beam presentation, excel, and collaboration project onto the big screen
Directly connect with compatible device without requiring to go through Wi-Fi network hops for better mirroring experience*
Equipped with dual-band 2.4/5Ghz wireless for optimal mirroring experience
Optional certified HDMI-VGA adapter available for legacy projector with only VGA output (SKU # SBWD100E2V)
Premier wireless display partner for MicrosoftR and Intel
Affordably priced for school budgets
IT manageable locally (included) or remotely with
ScreenBeam CMS

Coolest Feature
Actiontec¡¦s award-winning wireless display technology, now with all the security and manageability features needed for schools and classroom environments.

Minimum System Requirements
Windows 8.1 or higher (with Miracast support)
Intel WiDi capable laptop or tablet with Intel WiDi 4 or higher
Wi-Fi Miracast capable smartphone, tablet, or laptop
Compatible Windows laptop or PC with ScreenBeam USB Transmitter**
Does not work with Apple products


*Not compatible with Apple devices.
**Actual AV quality depends on a number of factors, including the source video quality and the display screen.


Actiontec ScreenBeam  Pro (Education Edition)

















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