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Uploading Files onto USB's:

Aplus Technology can offer the process of pre-loading your promotional USB with product information, brochures, auto running presentations (e.g. PowerPoint or flash presentations), or business contact details.
Data preloads offer the possibility to combine custom printing with content e.g. pictures, flash files, audio or video information loaded onto your USB or Memory Card.
Aplus Technology can install data files on the USB flash drives as long as the capacity of the selected drive is large enough to meet the demand of the data file.
The data presentation which is replicated / pre-loaded onto the drive can be permanent or erasable.

Auto Run- (permanent)
This feature allows your preloaded data such as a presentation to launch automatically when the user plugs the custom USB flash drive it into their computer. (This function automatically plays the preloaded data from the USB drive once it is connected to a PC . Warning, an auto run is created in a similar way to a CDROM and cannot be removed at a later date.
This ensures that the recipient will continue to use and have access to your data presentation on a daily basis.

Why Upload information onto your USB's:
Preload hyperlinks to your company or organization's website to give users quick access to the most current information.
Request AutoRun and/or non-erasable content to insure your brand achieves top of mind awareness.
Save money and stay green by loading extensive event, company, and organization materials (PowerPoint, employee manuals, student handbooks, brochures) on a flash drive.

Please note:

* The standard PC autorun.inf will not work on Macs.
* Some companies prevent flash drives and CDs from Auto-Running on company computers by making changes to each computer's registry as a security precaution (our experience that this is very rare).
* When some users plug in their custom USB flash drive, security software may ask them whether they want to allow the drive to AutoRun. They just need to click 'Yes' and the AutoRun will launch as normal.



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